Monday, April 7, 2008

My Personal Morgellons Journey and My Website Address for Lots of Morgellons Information

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My Morgies Journey

I like you started out fearing for my life. I didn't know what hit me. I felt like I survived a train wreck only the pain never went away. I brought samples of material coming from my lesions and had Doctors totally disregard it. I can't count how many Doctors, walk in clinics, specialists, psychiatrists and emergency visits I went through to try and get a Doctor to even look at my skin. I got sent home with a pat on the head and prescriptions that didn't help.
I was out of my mind, truly.
When things were at their absolute worse, and I won't go in to detail because if you suffer this you know. I laid on my bed and it felt like I was falling backwards in to a void. After a while I was able to stumble, groping on to what I could to get to the bathroom. When I tried to make it back up on my bed, I couldn't. I crumpled to the floor and went to my knees and implored heavenward, "God what is this?"
I felt the total warmth of a hand on my shoulder and a calm, steady, voice that said "All will be well!"
From that point I felt a twinkling stirring in my stomach for weeks. No matter how horrid I looked, not even able to lift my head to talk, I kept repeating to my husband that my soul is coming alive. I just trusted it all. Things came and went, got good and worse, but I held on to those words and the belief.
I'm not sure if I'll come to a point of complete healing. I'm just glad to have gotten back as much as I have.
I'm like you, we all need a little spiritual boost and encouragement. Because I'm uncertain how morgellons is passed along right now, I hesitate to go in public settings. A church is too intimate and close quartered to feel others are safe from my condition. Until I know, this is my way of getting closer to God.
I hope for and pray for anyone who uses this website.
Freedom Crow

I've dealt with morgellons for seven years. I learned that if a Doctor doesn't recognize what Morgellons is, don't argue with him. The stress just from that almost drove me beyond breaking point. I had to learn from my internal instincts what to do. We are all limited as there are studies going on by the CDC but it'll be months before it is conclusive. In the mean time we have to sift through tons of advice on the web, some of it even dangerous remedies. I can only give advice on what worked for me naturally. After seven years I have reclaimed a lot of me again. I still have difficulties but things are more manageable. I'm not bedridden, having muscles twitches, fibers, or black specks going on three years now. My dentist, who is also a nutrition expert put me on the right path to healing. Below is my url to my blog Morgellons Information Canada I have articles on research, natural spices, herbs that heal, my dentist herbal cleansing therapy and more...

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Joey said...

Hi Freedom Crow,

Love this place. Trying to let you know that there is a Morgellons Day of Prayer this Sunday 3rd August 2008.

God bless you!